Digital Transformation

Explore your options and leverage our expertise.

We find technical solutions that favor the strategic execution of your business objectives. You can count on the experience of our specialists to develop your business in the areas of Product Discovery, Blockchain Architecture, Agile Methods and UX/UI Design.

Our model includes working in digital studios, multidisciplinary ecosystems, that will help you achieve the digital transformation of your company, reinvent and revolutionize your business models through blockchain adoption.

Update and innovate your company’s business processes through blockchain adoption to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and become an industry leader.

Our expertise applied to your challenges:

Product Discovery

Brainstorming is our passion. We help transition an idea to a product: Let's bring something to life using blockchain technology! The first step is helping you from a technical view to discover if blockchain is useful in your business and what will be the benefits of its implementation.

Blockchain Architecture

We identify technical issues concerning the development of new products or necessary updates in your existing software to make the blockchain an accessible tool for every business. Our team of Blockchain specialists propose possible solutions, help with proof-of-concepts and suggest a plan of implementation. We face challenges related to software stability, continuity or scalability to find custom solutions for yours business needs. We define a roadmap that will reach a minimum viable product (MVP).

Agile Methods

We use agile development methodologies, since we consider that all our work has to be done in a timely manner and in contact with the client in order to reach large scales. Our team uses a two-week work cycle structure. On each cycle, new concepts are explored in order to promote an understanding of the development, tools and techniques that support the Agile Methods.

UX/UI design

We diagnose usability issues in Blockchain software to suggest improvements and assist in the planning and designing of old and new digital products. We make blockchain easy and simple. From a heuristic analysis, our design team identifies improvement and makes design suggestions. In order to create a new product or service, we carry out research with potential users to understand the context of use, and we develop a custom design proposition.